A little bit about Motrixi – and me, Jeff Kamikow

Hey – I’m Jeff Kamikow, CEO of Motrixi.

What’s Motrixi? Motrixi is the global leader in Mobile Performance Marketing. At Motrixi, we believe that mobile is about more than games and cool apps – we believe that mobile is a performance marketer’s medium. It’s a great way to reach consumers directly, 24/7 , and connect with them in a way that’s both convenient and relevant.

We believe in offering our clients a full circle solution, from first engagement to customer retention with unparalleled customer service. The founders of the company have over 2 decades of experience buying media across all digital platforms (publisher direct, SSP and RTB solutions). We work with the largest brands and agencies in the world and successfully meet their performance needs. Leveraging the experience of our staff along with cutting edge technology is what makes Motrixi the leader and pioneer of the mobile performance landscape.

To learn more about Motrixi, check out out our site.

You can learn more about me here, or connect with me directly on LinkedIn.


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