Jeff Kamikow on the State of Mobile Marketing

Every year, we hear it: This is the year of mobile marketing.  We’ve been hearing it since 2009. We’ve heard it every year since.

Now you’re going to hear it from me, Jeff Kamikow:  2012 will be The Year of Mobile Marketing.

Why is this year different?  There are a few reasons. For one, the Kindle Fire is a real game changer. While it may or may not pose a threat to the iPad or even the high-end Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy, the Kindle Fire has made the tab accessible. At $199, it’s a fully functional Android tab (sans camera, which I’ll bet will change in future versions) that the masses can afford. Jeff Kamikow Predicts 2012 Year of the Smart Phone

The death of the Symbian mobile OS is also a factor to consider. With Nokia ditching its own OS and moving to Windows mobile, we’re going to see even more smartphones on the market. With the iPhone 4 selling for $50 at your local Verizon store and  free Android 3G handsets everywhere you look, smartphone adoption is clearly on the rise. You wouldn’t think there would be room for another mobile OS – especially after the spectacular failure of the Palm Pixi – but there is. There are plenty of PC users who will love the ability to seamlessly switch between handset and laptop. Wait and see.

The final reason that this will be the year? The Fortune 500 is finally ready.  Those of us in the ad tech space can’t believe we’re facing yet another year of conferences dominated by social and mobile tracks, but so much of the Fortune 500 still views these channels and “new” and “untested.”  2012 is the year many of them will finally get on board. Many retailers are on board already, as are many media outlets. Recent regulatory changes make it easier for financial services to jump on the mobile bandwagon now, too.

And they’re likely to do it. In 2012, with their smartphones in hand, consumers are going to start demanding it.

— Jeff Kamikow, CEO, Motrixi


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