Almost forgot: Android and iOS are *not* the only players!

Reminders in the Mobile Mobile Marketing Daily– RIM and Windows are still out there and fighting to keep and grow their share of the smartphone market!

Blackberry: Big with guys in suits (Kamikow Blog)
Blackberry: Big with guys in suits

The once-cool, now “for suits only” Blackberry is seeing a change in management at its parent company, Research in Motion:

Blackberry parent company Research in Motion “is “bowing to critics and market forces,” as the New York Times headline puts it, by replacing the co-CEOs who developed “the innovative device that was the first to reliably deliver email over airwaves.” Thorsten Heins, who joined RIM in 2007 and most recently has been COO for software, hardware and sales, becomes CEO effective today.

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Meanwhile, Nokia, which dropped its Symbian OS last year in favor of Windows Mobile, is seeing its numbers go up for a change.  According to Bloomberg (via Mediapost):

Nokia Oyj (NOK1V)’s first phones running Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)software may have sold enough units last year to help rebuild investor confidence in the Finnish company, which lost $19 billion in market value in 2011.

The Lumia handsets, which went on sale in Europe in November, probably sold 1.3 million units globally to operators and retailers by the end of last year, according to the average estimate of 22 analysts compiled by Bloomberg. The projections range from 800,000 to 2 million and only one analyst predicted sales of fewer than 1 million handsets.

Over a million handsets? Running Windows? Impressive – and not what we were expecting. Maybe there is room in the market for players besides Apple and Android. Read the rest of the article at


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