4 Digital Marketing Tips For Startups

If you’ve recently launched a new business, congratulations! Running a new startup is exciting but challenging at the same time, however, with time, you’ll be on your way to success. With that said, one of the first things you need to do is launch your brand online to reach millions of potential customers. Let’s check out four digital marketing tips that you can do today to hit the ground running!

1. Launch A Website

One of the first things you need to do is launch a website. Whether you invest in a firm to create it for you or you take on the task yourself, you need to make a website to attract today’s consumers. In fact, Jeff Kamikow says that websites are vital to the livelihood of a business and you need to ensure you can connect with your customer in an easy way.

2. Build Social Profiles

After you have got your website up and running, it’s time to create social profiles for your business. Social networks are a great platform to connect with new customers and it helps you keep them in the loop when you update it. With that in mind, here are some social media sites you need to create profiles on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

While those are the main profiles you should be concerned with, you can also create profiles on YouTube, Vine and other trending sites.

3. Generate Content

After you’ve established your online presence, you need to make sure you keep it fresh with content. That means you should create social posts, blogs and other digestible content because it’ll keep your business active in the eyes of Google. Basically you want to make sure you are ranking on Google and the higher your business ranks, the better.

4. Keyword Research

Keywords are extremely important to rank on search engines and it’s a great way for consumers to find your business. Conduct keyword research to find the relevant words people are searching for your product or services. Once you have your keywords ready to go, you can start linking your website to the appropriate words and it’ll add significant weight to your search engine rankings.

Are you ready to use the above tips to start your digital marketing campaign?

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