Would Jeff Kamikow Be Worried about iOS 10’s Privacy Settings?

street girl target phone


A mobile advertiser likes Jeff Kamikow is constantly looking at market fluctuations and any restrictions that could change mobile advertising strategies. Over the past five years, mobile advertising has grown many, many times over, and it represents the present and future for digital advertising. More people use their mobile devices for shopping, accessing the news, communicating with others on social media, paying their bills, and more. Advertisers have responded in kind, and the market has grown exponentially more than desktop advertising.

One of the biggest players in the mobile space is obviously Apple. iPhones and other Apple devices are some of the widely used mobile devices. The iOS 10 update will be here in a few days, and it will certainly have some ramifications for mobile advertisers. Now before you  panic too much, iOS 10 will not block ads completely. Instead it will expand on iOS9’s IDFAs and give advertisers even less information when it comes to tracking. IDFAs allowed  advertisers to track metrics for “frequency capping, attribution, conversion events, estimating the number of unique users, advertising fraud detection, and debugging.”

Now that this isn’t in play, mobile advertising will change greatly. Users who turn on “Limit Ad Tracking” and send IDFAs to advertisers may begin to experience an even poorer experience as advertisers will not be able to target based off location or user activity. Instead, they may see the same ads over and over again or see ads that do not pertain to them whatsoever.

Therefore, it is the job of Jeff Kamimow and other advertisers, to educate the public about IDFAs and the new updates as well as create good ads that users won’t get annoyed with. Privacy is a major thing with users. Relevancy is too though. If advertisers can make the case that tracking is necessary to enrich experience, more users may be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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