Jeff Kamikow Provides Tips for Advertising on Facebook

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Is Facebook cool again? Nobody knows for sure, but the social networking giant is certainly still making a lot of money. Its money is coming in the form of mobile advertising. In total, there are about three million advertisers on Facebook. There are about another 500,000 advertisers on Instagram, the photo-sharing social media platform that Facebook owns and made open to advertising last year. Facebook made over $17.9 billion dollars last year. According to Mashable, 84% of that came from mobile advertising.


Mobile advertising expert, Jeff Kamikow, would tell you that Facebook advertising is essential to any media campaign. There are so many new ways to create an engaging ad and track that ad’s traffic to determine its success. If you are new to advertising on Facebook, you might not know where to start. In order to advertise effectively on Facebook, here are a few tips you might want to keep in mind:


Try Out Different Designs: Going with your instinct is fine with a lot of things. With mobile advertising, it’s best to give yourself several options. If you find that you are doing the same type of ad all of the time too, don’t be afraid to mix it up. If you’re bored with an ad, so is your audience.


Add a Testimonial to Your Ad: One of the easiest ways to convince your audience to try your product is by providing evidence in the form of a testimonial or statistic that highlights your product’s or service’s capabilities. Try to include at least one proof in every ad that you do.


Use a Call to Action: This is essential. When a user is given the option to view an ad, he or she should know what will happen next if he or she clicks on the ad. A call to action answers this question and sets the audience’s expectations.


Include an Image that Catches the Eye: On a Newsfeed, your ad will be facing a lot of competition for attention. Jeff Kamikow would tell you that you need an image that will draw their attention. Try a high quality image that is relevant to the text and elicits a specific emotion. Obviously, don’t be too provocative though as this could cause your ad to be rejected.

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